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PROhumana Corporate Sustainability Ranking 2015

9 septiembre, 2014

The PROhumana Corporate Sustainability Ranking is a unique and pioneering initiative in Chile, which in their 11 years of continued implementation has performed more than 397 company evaluations – national and multinational with operations in Chile – from different sectors; and establishing the knowledge and practice in sustainability of more than 1.070.000 employees.

Results of the PROhumana Corporate Sustainability Ranking 2015

Press ReleaseBci, Mall Plaza and L’Oréal Chile, obtained the three first prizes in the PROhumana Corporate Sustainability Ranking, that recognizes the most sustainable companies of 2015


Results of CSR National Ranking PROhumana 2014

Press Release: PROhumana CSR Ranking 2014, for de first time in 10 years awards four companies with Platinum Seal
Interview with Soledad Teixidó, by CSR360: How does CSR look like in Chile?

Results of CSR National Ranking PROhumana 2013

Press Release: Gerdau, leader of the PROhumana National Ranking on CSR 2013, a Platinum Seal is awarded for the first time in history
Article by Soledad Teixidó, PROhumana’s Executive President: The business of the future



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